Functionality business model

The ability to manage your business profile. Opening times, engaging with instant messaging with potential customer..

User manager

This will provide ability for carwashes business administrator to add additional users under their account.
This  would then provide the business the ability for those users to respond to customers requests via the instant messaging system. 

Business profile

This would provide the following ability for the business administrator to manage and update the profile, this would include photos, a brief description and their contact details. 

Special offers admin

This would provide the business with the ability to send Special offers directly to customers. The system would automatically publish the Special offers information directly to the customer  App users with an accompanying push notification.  Special offers would be delivered to App users who are  either favourites at business or have previously interact with the business. 

Administrator Additions

This will provide the business the ability to add a listing of services and products. This will automatically update. 
This consists of the titles, brief description, images and pricing. 

GPS system

The GPS provide the ability for your business to be find nearest based on their current location.
Mobile business benefits from this most, book a appointment time. This will share your location to the customer starting 30 minutes before and until 30 minutes after appointment time.

Booking an appointment

This provide the ability to streamline your business to a more organised leave. At your busy times, and quiet times. With the instand messaging system and Booking an appointment giving the opportunity to use your quiet times more effectively. 

Payment system

This provide the ability to request a payment. This is a direct payment system with the business been paid directly by the customer into own stripe account .

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